Perfect Ear Wax Removal


A Safer Alternative To Standard Cotton Swabs

  • Easy to use, ergonomic design
  • Top quality soft silicone tip
  • Highly durable, reusable and eco-friendly
  • Cleans and massages, without risking your health
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A New Way To Clean Your Ears

Standard cotton swabs push wax deeper into the ear canal.
Leading to infections or even hearing loss.

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Here’s Why Tvidler Is Better Than the Standard Cotton Swab


Q-Tips are BAD for Your Ears

Cotton Swabs are not designed for ear cleaning, actually they do the opposite: ear wax is pushed further down the ear canal and not taken out. Furthermore, they may damage your inner ear. The signs and symptoms of this condition include dizziness, ringing sensation in the ears, pain and hearing loss.

Don’t Risk Your Health - Use Tvidler

Earwax buildup can lead to surprising outcomes in mood and functioning of the brain itself. As Healthline (1) reported in a study from 2018, studies have linked earwax buildup with cognitive decline and even dementia.


A New Era of Self Care

Enjoy our award winning design. Thanks to the spiral head and turning motion,Tvidler pulls out earwax without any pushing or pressure motion inwards. The silicone head with flexible spiral grooves gently cleans your ears.

"Recent studies have linked ear wax build-up to health issues like memory loss and fatigue. But using cotton swabs can lead to severe injuries. I recommend using Tvidler instead. It's very safe and affordable."

Paula Amaya

Dr P. Amaya


Did You Know This?

  • Cotton swabs were not primarily manufactured for cleaning the ear wax and are not recommended by physicians.
  • It took half of the century before the manufacturers warn people about the use of their products. If you slip when cleaning your ears and insert the swab too deeply into the ear canal, you can injure the ear canal or even the eardrum.
  • Under certain circumstances, such an injury can have serious consequences and even lead to deafness.

It's Very Easy To Use

Tvidler tool removes any dried wax stuck inside your ears along with any other debris trapped in your ears.

Insert the tip in to the ear

Rotate and pull to remove earwax

Remove tip and wash it to reuse

Budget Friendly Tool

Tvidler is designed to be shared. With the single Tvidler purchase you will also get a set of 6 soft tips.

While developing Tvidler tool, we were being environmentally cautious: as the tool is designed to last a lifetime you will not be adding to the ever-increasing accumulation of plastic waste as if using q-tips. What’s friendly to nature is good for your wallet too - one purchase will take care of your ear cleanliness for the foreseeable future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked question about Tvidler.

Tvidler ear wax cleaner’s unique spiral head tip is designed to “catch” the ear wax and remove it with effortless twisting motion instead of pushing it further down. Gently insert Tvidler into your ear, turn it clockwise and remove the excess wax. No need to use force or push the tool deeper into the ear canal. Tvidler is rinseable and reusable.

A: Head Tips
Material: High Quality Silicone
Detachable: Yes
Washable: Yes

General Information
Handle: Comfort Grip
Material: Plastic (handle), silicone (tip)
Washable: Yes

Tvidler is an effective, convenient and reusable solution to your ear wax accumulation problem. It has no drawbacks of ear drops (though you might wish to use both methods simultaneously if your ear wax accumulation issue is bad enough) and, in contrast to q-tips and ear wax candles, Tvidler actually works.

Yes, your purchase is risk-free. You can easily return the product within 30 days.

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